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Top Tips to Get and Stay Motivated to Exercise

We all know how hard it is to get motivated to work out and to stay motivated over a long period of time. We convince ourselves we will start on Monday or the beginning of the month, but what we really need to do is just start TODAY and find small reasons every day to keep going. Why wait for One Day, instead, make it Day One. And as hard as it is to finally just start a fitness regime, it is even harder to convince yourself to stick to it and continue on day after day.

We as humans are driven by physical differences and progress, yet we lose sight on how we feel or the small changes that are occurring. Just because the scale isn’t moving doesn’t mean you aren’t sleeping better, feeling more energized or are in a better place mentally. It is hard to take a step back and remind ourselves that progress is progress no matter how big or small. Just because we can’t physically see what exercise is doing to our bodies, doesn’t mean we aren’t benefitting; and that is why people tend to lose motivation. The scale isn’t moving and our waist isn’t shrinking so we tend to slowly let go of the exercise routine and then it stops completely. But we need to keep going. Keep pushing forward past those plateaus. Set our sights on smaller, short-term goals and crush them before setting new ones. Motivation isn’t easy for everyone, even people you may see in the gym every day for months and months have probably thought about quitting and starting losing motivation, but you have to dig deep and remember why you started. I have compiled a list of tips and tricks to get yourself into a workout routine and stay motivated for the long haul!


Layout workout clothes and PUT THEM ON

No one wants to put workout clothes on and then change out of them without working out. So lay out your clothes the night before and put them on right away.

Write your workouts out beforehand

It is a lot easier to get to the gym if you have a plan. You get in and get out. It saves you from wandering around deciding what to do!

Write down how you felt after your workout

This will help you on the days you are feeling a little blah. If you write down how you feel after your workout (mind and body) you can then look back at it and remind yourself how awesome it feels to crush a workout and release some endorphins!

Sign up for classes and try something new

Sometimes we don’t know what kind of exercise or fitness we like until we try a few things. Sign up for classes at small studios (it will make you go because you paid for it) but also you could meet a new group of inspiring people!

Get a workout tribe that you meet with daily

Find people who like to work out just like you do. Who not only push themselves but also motivate others as well. And no one likes to skip a workout when they KNOW their partner is still going!

Workout early in the morning

If you set your alarm early and get up, there is no turning back. You know you have a limited time so just hop out of bed and do it. Then you have the whole day and evening free knowing you already killed your workout. And if you do it early enough, it’ll be over before you even realize what you’re doing!

Put it into your schedule just like any other daily task

Block off time! If it’s in the morning, put it in your schedule anyways. If it’s at lunch, pencil it in so you remember. If it’s after work, bring your workout clothes with you and don’t

Make it a routine (write on your calendar and cross off every day you workout, it will slowly begin to be more frequent)

Give yourself 21 days to form a habit. Every day write on your calendar that you completed your workout (1/21, 2/21). This helps with visually seeing that you have completed every day and shows how many you have left. When you finish those 21 days, start a new challenge for yourself!

Do the things you love. Working out doesn’t need to be a chore, if you love running, go running. If you love biking, go biking.

Don’t force yourself to workout by doing things you don’t like. You will never sustain the routine in the long run if every day feels like a chore to workout. Do the things you love to do so that it doesn’t feel like work. As you slowly start to workout more and more, then push yourself out of your comfort zone and try something new! Changes are made when we challenge ourselves, but sometimes just starting is enough of a challenge in itself.

Reward yourself every now and then. Get a post-workout smoothie because you killed it!

There is nothing quite like having an awesome workout and getting a reward. Make it a smoothie, or sushi, or a coffee. Whatever your favorite little snack is, treat yourself on a day that you are dragging.

Set small goals. And when you crush those, set new ones.

Stop making your only goal “I want to lose 50lbs” or “I want to squat 200lbs”. You need to set small goals that you can accomplish on your way to your long-term, big goal. Like squatting 110lbs 10 times, or losing 1lb a week. You cannot set your sights so far ahead that you forget to live in the moment. There is nothing like smashing a goal, so set some attainable ones along the way to keep you pushing forward.

Do it for yourself. Not because you feel like you have to, but because you want to see what you are capable of doing.

So many people begin exercising because they think they have to or that’s the “right” thing to do. When really you should be exercising because it is good for your health. Your bodies are made to do incredible things, why don’t you want to see just how much it is capable of doing? The mindset MUST shift from “have to” to “want to” or you will never truly get where you want to go.

Track your successes with notes, journals, pictures etc.

Write everything down! Make a journal or a planner and highlight the days you crushing your exercise and nutrition. Then highlight the days you only crushed one. Take notes, pictures, measurements so that you can look back on it in a few months and see just how far you have come. You know where you want to be in 12 weeks, but in 12 weeks you will wish you were somewhere else. So track it, and be able to look back and feel accomplished by what you’ve done. So many people get caught up in wanting more and forget to step back and admire their progress.

Listen to motivation (either podcasts, music, YouTube)

No two people are the same in this category. Some are motivated by rock music, some by country. Some people listen to motivational YouTube videos and some like informational podcasts. Find what really ignites your fire and use it to propel you forward.

Look into fitness trackers if you like a visual of your daily movement

There are so many different fitness trackers out there that have all different features. Some are great for running, so for everyday life. Find the statistics you want to be measured throughout the day to keep you on track and then do some research! I love my Polar A370, but there are so many other options such as Apple, Fitbit, and Garmin.

Spend money (personal trainer, group classes, new workout gear) no one likes to waste money, so spend it to help yourself stay accountable.

No one likes to waste money. So if you invest in a personal trainer or group fitness classes, you are likely to show up instead of throwing your money out the window! Personally, new exercise clothes get me motivated all over again too. There is no feeling like smashing a workout in some new leggings and Nikes!

healthy lifestyle


Whew, that was a lot of motivation all at once. Now that you have a few tips and tricks to help motivate you to exercise, find which ones work for you. I don’t expect you to do them all, but there has got to be something in this list that will work for you. So get up and get motivated. It is time to crush some goals and get you on the road to a healthier lifestyle.

If you need more tips on health and fitness, click here to read our other blogs. And if you still can’t seem to get motivated, check out our personal training to see if that would be a good fit for you!


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