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D21 Fit Studio has had the pleasure of partnering with The Fresh Plan, local to Evanston, to give our clients the opportunity for pre-prepped meals. The Fresh Plan is a meal prep delivery company that makes eating a healthy diet as simple as it gets. We asked them to write a blog for us sharing some nutritional information with us as well as a little bit about their company. Here is what they had to say…

Betsy & Scott Epton have been distributors of healthy meal plans for over twenty years. We wanted to offer our clients fresher and better-quality ingredients. We “hatched” The Fresh Plan and opened our new kitchen on the north side of Chicago in the Spring of 2016. Our company offers fully prepared, calorie-controlled meals that are always healthy and fresh. Our meals are low fat, low cholesterol, well-balanced and high in taste! Our growing lists of clients can attest to that (and so can D21, as we had the pleasure of tasting the meals. And yes, they are wonderful)!

Since opening our kitchen in 2016, we have been providing thousands of meals to our loyal and happy customers, helping them with their health goals. Our meals also give people more time to enjoy other parts of their lives instead of shopping, prepping and cooking.

Together Betsy and Scott are bringing The Fresh Plan to busy people and supporting healthier lifestyles.

Now let’s talk a little bit about one of the major concerns in the health and fitness fields…weight loss.

Common LIES the Weight Loss Industry Tells You

  • Artificial sweeteners will slim you down
  • Eating right works even without exercise
  • Fasting will help you lose weight
  • Exercise and diet are equal for weight loss
    • Exercise is an essential part of losing weight and keeping it off in the long term, but changing your diet–and your lifestyle overall–is the number one factor to tackle when you’re trying to slim down.
  • Fruits are fattening
  • All-natural sweeteners are created equal
    • Sugar and honey may have the same effect on your food, but that doesn’t mean they have the same effect when it comes to your weight. While overconsumption of either can cause serious weight gain, with honey, you’ll at least get a nutritional boost, thanks to the antimicrobial and antibiotic properties. These can help keep your gut bacteria in a healthy balance.
  • Fat-free food is diet friendly
  • Supplements will slim you down
    • Taking diet pills or other weight loss supplements will backfire in the end. The supplement industry is nowhere near as rigorously regulated as prescription medication, with many products escaping FDA approval before hitting the market. According to Consumer Reports, many of our most commonly-accepted dietary supplements, like probiotics, may even make you sick.
  • Organic food is always healthy
  • Hunger is a good sign you’re losing weight
  • Salt and pepper are a healthy fat alternative
    • If you think that you’re helping out your chances or weight loss by seasoning your food with salt and pepper in place of fats, think again.  Sodium is one of the major causes of water retention and belly bloat, meaning that even if you are losing weight, you might not look like it. Make sure you’re not accidentally adding too much salt to the menu!
  • Protein bars are good meal replacements
  • Some vegetables are fattening
    • The poor potato has gotten such a bad reputation in the weight loss community. While it may not be as low in calories or carbohydrates as leafy greens, that doesn’t mean you need to write it out of your diet for good (much like other starchy, sweet, or fatty veggie like squash, corn, and avocados). These veggies are packed with protein, fiber, and plenty of vitamins; making them a great way to keep hunger at bay while enjoying a nutritious, vegetarian-friendly meal.
  • All sugar is bad
    • Low carb devotees may claim that any sugar in your diet is a recipe for weight gain, but let me be the first to tell you that not all sugar is created equal. Fruit sugars can be a healthy part of your weight loss plan, whether you’re enjoying them in a Zero Belly smoothie, or making a resveratrol-rich belly-fat-blasting red fruit salad, or just grabbing a healthy snack on the go.
  • Only slow weight loss is effective
    • Slow and steady may win the race, but that doesn’t mean that fast weight loss is always ineffective. The problem with crash dieting is that they make you hungry, irritable, prone to cravings and more likely to gain weight in the end—research published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association reveals that routine crash diets may cement unhealthy behavioral patterns that make weight loss more difficult.
  • Dessert is a no-go
    • Who says that losing weight can’t be fun? While many diets claim that the slice of chocolate cake you had on your birthday is what’s standing between you and a smaller size and healthier body; steady weight loss is about more than just skipping dessert. In fact, desserts packed with healthy fats, fiber, antioxidant-rich dark chocolate, and fruit can actually help you reach those weight loss goals.
  • Skipping breakfast can help you lose weight

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