Success Stories

Dietrich is the real deal. I’ve been weight training since I was a teenager, but this past summer, I decided to commit to achieving something I’ve always wanted and never had: a six pack. I heard all of the standard advice about doing more cardio, eating healthy, but I had tried some of that in the past with limited success and I would end up burning out.

I figured if Dietrich had achieved it, maybe he could help me, too. When I started training with him, he told me if I followed his nutrition and fitness recommendations, I’d be where I wanted in 5 months. I found that timeframe exciting, but really hard to believe, especially since none of our workouts were what I expected. I thought that I needed to be completely crushed every time to reach my goals, more like the P90X or the Insanity programs, but that’s not his philosophy at all. Small tweaks, gradual changes, slight increases in intensity to keep the workouts challenging, but not crushing by any means. In fact, I rarely even get sore from the training, and I had my doubts if it would work! But soon after we started, just like he promised, the results started coming and they haven’t stopped.

One of D’s biggest talents is not only choosing the perfect weight or designing a workout to balance symmetry and strength, but also anticipating your body and your mind’s response. He always seemed to know exactly what I was experiencing, whether it was during a set or dealing with cravings. The changes are so gradual you’ll barely notice them, but it’s all finely tuned to continually take you to the next level. He’s a champion at guiding you through the changes you need at the right pace for you, and he’s also a great guy on top of that.

Well, it’s been 5 months and Dietrich was right. I’m in the absolute BEST shape of my life. I’ve shed almost 5 inches off my waistline, 25 pounds of fat, and packed on several pounds of muscle. Now, I just need to find a good tailor!

– Dan Caspi

Senior Scientist, Abbott Laboratories

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I came to Dietrich a year after my last pregnancy. I was stuck and unhappy with how I felt in my body. I “knew” all the right things to do, but nothing seemed to be working. I was looking for someone who could help me feel comfortable in my body again while teaching me good form and proper technique to prevent future injuries. As a working mother of four, I wanted to be able be strong and healthy for me and my family. Dietrich assured me that he could help, but that it would take time, discipline, and patience.

So I started twice a week with Dietrich supplementing with cardio in between and a third day of weights on my own. I recorded my food daily and made the time to focus on my health. It took 4 months of exercising 6 days a week and eating clean until I started to feel like me again. I can easily say I am stronger than I have ever been.

I have gained a great awareness of healthy eating and the discipline it takes to see significant change. I trust Dietrich to keep me safe as well as push me to the limit. I am continually challenged and encouraged by him. A few months away from 40, I am stronger, healthier, and more disciplined than I have ever been. I am so grateful for everything Dietrich has helped me discover about myself and my body.

– Emily N. Halliday, LCPC, NCC

I’m a 43 year old woman with two children, ages 8 & 12. I’ve always been somewhat in shape, but spending the first part of this year with Dietrich Horsey, my body is now leaner and stronger than it ever has been. I’m 5’2″ and started the year off at 136 lbs & 24% body fat. After spending 4 months with Dietrich, my current weight is 124 lbs & 19% body fat.

Dietrich has changed my life in so many ways! He has created a new me inside and out. Dietrich isn’t just a fitness professional trainer that takes your money and develops workout for you. He truly takes the time to invest in what you want, your physical and mental capabilities along with your nutritional daily intake before he starts a personalized training program. The more Dietrich works with you he learns more about your physical make-up and alters your workouts depending on your week to week progression and calorie intake. He uses different techniques where two sessions are never the same. The other thing he does for his clients is support you outside the gym too.

Dietrich knows exactly the limits he can push you to. It blows my mind he knows my body better than I do!!! He continues to keep you in check with your eating habits and gives you guidance when he sees you’re not progressing in your workouts or physique. His attention to detail is amazing and can read your body like a book… It’s kind of scary when he knows I’ve cheated for the past couple days….

Thanks a million Mr D. I would have never gotten this fit without you!!!

– Kathy Valentine

I started 2013 way out of shape and with a lot of weight to lose, so I set off to make a change. By the summer, I had lost a decent amount of weight through changes in my diet and cardio, but it was time to add strength training into the mix to start to get more toned. Enter Dietrich. From day one, his knowledge and attention to detail have been extremely apparent – every session, I feel like I am in good hands as he’s watching my form and pushing me while making sure it’s all done safely.

Working out can sometimes be a drag and get boring, but I have to say that sessions with Dietrich are fun! He is very well prepared, knowing the second I walk in the door exactly what we’re doing to do for the day. No two sessions are the same and he uses a lot of different techniques, which not only keeps things interesting, but I think also helps in seeing results.

I started noticing signs of my body shifting and changing pretty quickly, and it just keeps going as we continue to work together. I am so pleased with the results so far, because I can see my reps and lifting weight increasing, and the conditioning improvement is noticeable. Not to be ignored is the support that he provides outside of the gym as well – he helps with strategies for nutrition and cardio, and he’ll be the first to congratulate you for your successes. Dietrich’s passion and dedication to his craft and his clients are unsurpassed,and I am already looking forward to my next session!

– Sarah Janssen

It would be very easy to make this testimonial about me, because I have improved my fitness level immensely in the nearly three years I have worked with Dietrich. But this should be about him. Despite his own incredible fitness accomplishments and knowledge base, Dietrich works continuously to make himself a better trainer. I don’t know of anybody who attends more classes and workshops. Dietrich then takes that experience and knowledge and shows up at every session prepared and ready to go. He designs workout programs of 4-to-6 weeks duration with specific goals in mind. When a program is finished, Dietrich has another 4-to-6 program ready to go. These programs are coordinated so that you see constant improvement in strength, duration, or both. My body is continually challenged, with no fitness plateaus or boring sessions. He helps turn weaknesses into strengths, concentrates on avoiding injury, and is very conservative with any injury that might occur. I strongly recommend you try Dietrich, except at 6:00 a.m. Mondays and Wednesdays. That’s my time.

– Michael Felz

Tax Partner at Brown, Kaplan & Liss, LLP, Evanston

Training with Dietrich has been a great experience. His expertise in health and fitness is unrivaled. I appreciate his attentiveness to my goals, his creativity in designing workouts specifically for my needs, and is ever-present enthusiasm and humor. I’m lucky to work with a trainer like Dietrich, and I’m proud of my accomplishments under his care.

– Caroline Freitag

Dietrich and I have been training for the last couple of months. He is an amazing trainer and an incredible person. He is always devising new, interesting, effective, and YES, FUN workouts. I have been weight training for the last couple of years, and at the age of 58, I am really proud of what I have accomplished, but in my short time with Dietrich, I have increased both my endurance and the amount of weight I can lift. I feel really toned and strong. We talk about goals and how I am going to reach them. He inspires me to really feel that I can and I have. Thank You!

– Kathy Schitsch

Dietrich has been my trainer for the past 2 1/2yrs. I initially came to him overweight, unhappy and with a completely blinded relationship with food.

It has been my pleasure…and challenge, to work with Dietrich over the years. I have not only reached my goal, but am now surpassing my goals beyond what I had imagined. I’VE done the work, but there is no way I could have done it without the guidance, patience and perseverance of Mr. Dietrich Horsey.

– Michele

Montessori Directress Ages 3- 6

I’ve always liked lifting heavy weight, but I didn’t do it sensibly. For years I would over train and wind up blowing out my knees and shoulders. However, in just a few years of training with Dietrich, I have not only TRIPLED the amount of weight I can press but have not had one ounce of pain! On the leg press, Dietrich has taken me, smartly, sensibly, and incrementally from 270 lbs all the way to 1000 lbs — beyond my wildest dreams and still building!

Dietrich is the “LEGMASTER,” believe me!

– Ana King

English professor, City Colleges of Chicago

I have worked with Dietrich for the past year. I have been an athlete all my life. I have never been this strong! Dietrich is so much more then a personal trainer. He gets to know his clients and works with you where you are at the time. He moves you to places you didn’t even know you could get to. Since working with Dietrich I have added 30 yards to my drives on the golf course. Each shot has gained distance and my scores are coming down : ) !! I would tell anyone Dietrich is the guy to train with.

– Donna

Physical Ed. Instructor

I started working with Dietrich about 6 weeks prior to my 2nd figure competition. Dietrich provided me with a personalized nutrition plan that was tailored toward what I was looking to achieve as well as customized workouts geared toward increasing my muscle mass, while significantly reducing body fat. He was also able to coach and guide me with my posing/stage walk to assure everything was in sync come competition day.

The workouts Dietrich gave me were unlike the training that I did with my previous show. These workouts were much more functional, and challenged my body in a way that it hadn’t been before. In doing more functional training, versus heavy lifting associated with “bodybuilding” I’ve learned so much more about my body than I ever thought imaginable. The way my body responded to these workouts was phenomenal! Dietrich was able to tweak the diet and workout regiment accordingly to keep my body responding in the way that I needed it to. I can honestly say I am in the absolute BEST shape I have ever been in in my life and have come so far from my first show back in April, and I owe it to Dietrich.

I know I couldn’t have come this far on my own. I thought of giving up several times but with Dietrich’s motivation and encouragement daily, it made it tough. I’m so glad I had him there to push me; otherwise I would not be where I am at today. Because he believed in me, I knew there was something he was seeing, that I wasn’t; and because of him I am 100% satisfied with my 2nd PLACE TROPHY I received at my past competition.

– Alesha

After years of successfully avoiding the gym, Dietrich transformed my out of shape body and lack of true desire. After a few weeks he had me believing that I actually can get back in shape! More importantly, I am starting to enjoy working out. Shhh…don’t tell my wife.

– Keith G.

I have had the pleasure of working with Dietrich for four years, and the results have been remarkable. His challenging cardio routines, weight lifting regiments, and nutritional advice gave me the knowledge I needed to lose 40 pounds and recover from a shoulder injury. His skills in individualizing the routines and changing them frequently, keeps it interesting and effective in addressing whole body fitness. It has changed my life and that makes it worth the four hour drive I make to work with him.

– Lisa Gross