TRX Training

Dietrich Horsey is certified in TRX training. TRX group or individual training is a new, innovative way of exercising the TOTAL body from a beginners to advanced training. It can also be used for post-rehab recovery.

When a group or partner work out using TRX training, it can be a lot of fun for everyone! Try a new way of strength training that can be used both indoor and outdoors. Give it a try; you’ll be glad you did!

TRX Group classes are $20 for 30 minutes with a 10 person max.

There’s no more efficient way to burn calories and get “ripped” faster than in Dietrich’s intense 30-min TRX sessions. This is the perfect complement to all the other types of training I do.


  • Stabilization
  • Improves Core Strength
  • Increased Muscle Strength
  • Used Indoor and Outdoor
  • Used with Group or Individual