Semi-Private Training

The Shared Program is a semi-private training program for clients that are interested in individually designed programs at an affordable cost.

Friends/spouses/coworkers that want to start working out together and reach their fitness goals together choose semi-private training! All you have to do is pick a time that works for both of you and start your journey.

Semi-private training also allows clients to feed off of each other’s motivation and drive to make for a high intensity, up-beat workout! Clients will do a personal assessment and goal session. After that session, they will be placed in an available session with other clients that have similar goals.

Clients are often motivated by the energy of the other clients training in that hour as well.

Custom training plans to reach your goals

If you already have someone that you regularly workout with, or want to start, our semi private training sessions may be perfect for you.  You will have someone you know right by your side, to help push you to reach your goals. Semi-Private training sessions are also less expensive than traditional private training

Check out this awesome couple’s success story below:

Joe & Deb, semi-private training clients at D21 training studio in evanston, il
“We decided three years ago that we both needed to get in shape and would start working out together. A friend had raved about Dietrich and so we contacted him and got started. We are hooked!  We motivate each other to get to the gym and once we are there Dietrich motivates us through our workout twice a week. Though we work out simultaneously Dietrich also manages our individual needs even making sure we both get the workout tunes we each prefer.  Not only are the workouts fun but we are together stronger!  Thanks to Dietrich for his training smarts and big heart.” 

– Joe & Deb, Semi-Private training clients