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Posture Program

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It has been said that “posture is an essential part of the human condition.” To maintain posture, a body has to both resist gravity and maintain balance. Gravity can become our ally when we are not fighting it with a misaligned body, but one that is balanced within the line of pull of gravity. This can also be seen as a metaphor for all life struggles! When we sit at a computer much of the day, and often drive instead of walk, our connective tissue envelope gets tighter, and we can develop postural conditions. It then it takes a lot more energy as our body has to work against that line of gravitational pull rather than coordinating within its pull.

At D21 Fit Studio, Gina is a certified postural rehabilitation specialist. She can work with you on realigning your posture to minimize unnecessary strain in your life, and improve your balance as well, which also contributes to smooth and efficient musculoskeletal function.

  1. New Posture Program
    To strengthen posture, improve health, and prevent deterioration from sitting, typing, and driving occupations.
  2. Balance Improvement
    To help strengthen the core and lower-body muscles that keep you steady on your feet.