Facilitated Stretching

Dietrich 21 uses facilitated stretching as an integral technique to achieving greater flexibility of your muscles and enhancing your personal fitness.

Trained facilitators actively assist you during your entire stretching sessions. When a facilitator is involved, the stretcher actively lengthens the target muscle to be stretched to its maximal pain-free end range.

Facilitated stretching is known to improve flexibility, range of motion, and to relieve muscle stiffness. Flexibility and coordination make it easier to accomplish any task that requires the use of muscles. They are critical to preventing injuries, whether on the playing field or in front of the computer. Improving the body’s potential to heal itself, this beneficial exercise enhances overall performance.

These are either extended times dedicated to enhanced stretching techniques and added to the end of your strength training sessions, or used alone as a dedicated session just for stretching. Your personal fitness trainer will assist you in reaching maximum stretching effectiveness by incorporating static stretching and PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) stretches after an appropriate stretching warm-up. Stretching can add 10% – 20% to overall strength gain. Stretching can lessen muscle soreness, help to lower blood pressure, improve flexibility and balance and improve the quality of your sleep.


  • Improve flexibility
  • Prevent Injuries
  • Increased strength
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Sleep better
  • Improve Balance