Personal Training

Are you considering the help of a personal trainer to help reach your fitness goals? The personal training experts at D21 Fit Studio in Evanston take a comprehensive approach to fitness and healthy living!

No matter what your training goal: weight loss, weight gain, increased strength, flexibility, strengthening core, increasing mass, toning, vitality—D21’s approach is “good, better, best!”

For the novice, training starts with one’s own body weight as resistance, doing functional exercises such as squats, push ups and pull ups, focusing on “good” form. “Better” expands the type of exercises, such as incline press and lat pull-downs, increases the number of sets per move, and adds greater resistance, using free weights, the bar, and machines. “Best” occurs when each body part reaches its maximum function and form, incorporating the highest level of resistance, widest variety of exercises, and greatest number of sets.

Each program and phase of training is individually personalized to accommodate specific goals set by the client. At D21, we work with you to cultivate an understanding of your physical fitness, to assure you will achieve great results while avoiding personal injuries.



At D21 Fit Studio we offer a wide variety of training options to accommodate your personal training style.  Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain strength, increase endurance, or simply maintain your current physical shape, our certified personal training staff will customize a plan for you.


D21 Fit Studio is truly a private atmosphere. Our private training sessions allow for a complete 1:1 experience with you and your personal trainer. Your first session will include a full body analysis and fitness assessment. Your personal trainer will work with you to understand your fitness and lifestyle ambitions. A unique and comprehensive training program is created specifically to help you reach those goals. Fill out our contact form and start your personal fitness journey today!


At D21, we understand that 1:1 training sessions are not for everyone.  Our semi-private training sessions are perfect for anyone that needs a little extra motivation to workout.Semi-private sessions are still intimate training sessions lead by one of D21’s accredited personal trainers, the only difference is, there are 2 clients instead of 1. These sessions are ideal for couples, friends, family members, and even co-workers.  Interested in a semi-private training session but don’t have a workout partner?  No problem! Contact us today and we’ll connect you with one of our members that is in the same situation.


D21 Fit Studio also offers a wide variety group training classes on the weekends. Give us a call for more information on group training classes, including a full list of upcoming classes.