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One Percent Change Muscle Test, Nutrition, and Training = 100% Improvement

D21 Fit Studio offers the world leading Health, Wellness & Fitness Assessment, One Percent Change® to all of our clients.

Why is One Percent Change® so important?

The most common problem when trying to improve your health and fitness is cost and lack of time. One Percent Change uses advanced technology and scientifically proven testing and reporting to reveal your precise muscle strength and any imbalances, joint range of motion, balance, core and shoulder stability. Current and underlying injuries are also identified.

This means we know exactly what you need so you won’t waste time & money exercising areas of the body that don’t need to be improved.

You’ll also decrease the risk of getting sore or injured, which is one of the main reasons people quit their fitness routine.

Elite athletes use the same process as One Percent Change to achieve QUICKER, EASIER & MORE SUCCESSFUL RESULTS – now you can too!