Group Fitness Classes

D 21 Fit Studio offers a variety of small group fitness classes right here in Evanston, IL.  Each workout class is lead by one of our certified personal trainers. It is our duty to create a fun, friendly environment where we will work together to motivate and reach your fitness goals.  Whatever your personal training needs are, or what ailment you may be dealing with, we have the class for you.  Our training classes utilize high-intensity, low impact training techniques, perfect for any athlete!  Check out our full list of group classes below, or fill out our form for a free 1:1 body assessment to determine which class is best for you.


Our Small Group Fitness Classes


Sundays 9-9:45am: Lean Machine

Drop-in fee- $15

This 45 minute total body workout is a combination of both strength exercises and cardio exercises aimed at decreasing body fat while increasing muscle mass, making you the ultimate lean machine. We utilize a variety of equipment including weights, TRX and bosu’s in order to increase strength, balance, and to burn a high number of calories! All levels are welcome and encouraged!

Group fitness classes in Evanston, IL

Sundays 8-8:30am: TRX Express Circuit 

Drop-in fee $15

TRX suspension training adds a new twist on fitness. The use of suspended straps makes for a functional workout using all the muscles in the body to stabilize and balance yourself during the exercises. This 30 minute class will hit all parts of the body in a circuit style workout. Be prepared to work hard and sweat! All fitness levels are welcome as the resistance and difficulty is up to the client!

Burn fat and build muscle every Sunday with our TRX Express Circuit.  This class is unlike any other TRX class you’ve ever been to. Learn More