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Certified Fitness Trainer

Dietrich Horsey has dedicated more than 20 years to helping others live healthfully. Dietrich specializes in corrective exercise, with a background in bio-nutrition. Dietrich has developed and implemented customized fitness programs and nutritional plans for countless individuals of various ages, ethnicities, and ability levels. He uses his broad knowledge of fitness, health, and nutritional topics to teach, train and consult his clients toward living a healthier lifestyle. He provides uncompromising professional excellence so that his clients will learn to honor their health, nurture their bodies, and live their most extraordinary lives.

Dietrich’s Tip

“Everyone likes to work on their favorite body part but it is important to develop all body parts to create a well balanced strong, powerful, and functional machine.”

Haley Perry

Certified Fitness Trainer

Haley graduated from Grand Valley State University in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science. While in college, Haley participated in dancing and intramural volleyball. She also did fieldwork in the CrossFit scene as well as Sports Performance. After graduation, Haley moved to Central Wisconsin, where she worked as a personal trainer at Anytime Fitness. There she worked with clients ranging from 20 to 65 years of age. She has experience with private training, semi-private training, as well as group classes, with a certification in personal training and CPR. Haley has recently relocated to Evanston, IL, where she has found her place at D21. She looks forward to what the future holds and hopes to change the life of many along the way.

Haley’s Tip

“Embrace the journey and celebrate the small victories! After all, it is small changes that add up to big results.”

Andreea Mihaela

Certified Fitness Trainer

Andreea is originally from Romania but has lived in Chicago since the age of five. She graduated from Loyola University of Chicago in 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science. She has had a lifelong involvement with sports, including competitive soccer, lacrosse, and basketball. Andreea was a personal trainer and a group fitness instructor in Panama City, Panama in 2016. Andreea has experience coaching clients from 10-90 years old.

Andreea also holds CPR certification. Andreea currently teaches semi-private group fitness classes at D21 focused on strength, functional, and cardio exercises. She is excited to continue to grow and help clients achieve their goals here at D21.

Andreea’s Tip

“Always breathe, especially through the most difficult part of the exercise. You do not want to cut off blood and oxygen flow to your muscles. During strenuous exercise, take deep breaths and push through it. During stretches, also take deep breaths and relax!”

Justin David

Certified Fitness Trainer

Justin David became certified in fitness training in 2016 through the International Sports Science Association. After receiving his certification, Justin gained personal trainer and management experience through positions at Cardinal Fitness and Xport Fitness. Justin has worked with clients ages 18 to 75, in one-on-one and in group settings. Justin’s background in bodybuilding and combat sports has allowed him to help his clients achieve elite fitness levels by drastically dropping body fat percentages, as well as gaining lean amounts of muscle.

In August of 2017, Justin’s dream of training clients on his own came true; he signed on with D21 Fit Studio as a private contractor. As Justin now trains, he also plans to enter into his first men’s physique competition as a natural bodybuilder in 2018.

Justin’s Workout Tip

“The moment you want it as bad as you want to breath is the moment when you succeed.”

Deborah Stern

Nutrition Councilor

Deborah Stern is a certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. She has her degree in Psychology from DePaul University and has spent the past decade focusing on the principles and processes of Holistic Nutrition and proper exercise. Deborah’s passion for health and fitness has motivated her to educate her clients on the importance of eating for their health and longevity and exercising correctly to achieve body-fat loss, gaining lean muscle mass, increasing energy levels, improving balance and posture and feeling happy and healthy at the end of each session.

Deborah works with clients of all ages and fitness levels. After working with Deborah, her clients look at food as fuel for the body and mind and they make fitness a part of their lifestyle. With this approach, Deborah’s clients have the tools to achieve their goals of health and fitness.

Deborah’s Nutrition Tip

“Please do not rely on reading the FRONT of a bag, box, can, tub, carton, etc. That is the marketing campaign trying to sell the product. The only way to know what you are eating is to read the ingredients. Next, make sure that the ingredients don’t have hidden added sugars or words you do not understand.”

“Miss Gina Maria”

Gina is a knowledgeable Certified Instructor trained in Family Yoga, Thai Yoga, and Strong Posture rehabilitation techniques. She has been teaching yoga and working with people who have musculoskeletal pain and biomechanical restrictions to regain strength, improve balance and alignment and enhance their quality of life since 2010.

She also holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Literature and History.

Gina’s Tip

“Strength and flexibility go hand-in-hand. As you increase your strength, it is equally important to improve flexibility for optimal health and daily functioning. Yoga enhances physical training and promotes relaxation as well. It also brings calm and balance into your life!”