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Miss Gina Maria

I consider teaching yoga to be an honor and a privilege, a true vocational calling to give the best service possible to my students.


To that purpose, I am continually developing and honing my skills to give clients first-rate yoga instruction. Vitality Yoga classes are different than many studio classes,

for several reasons:

My background is in the Classical style; and my ongoing training in therapeutic yoga and bodywork further reinforces the principles of class sequencing and safety, and attention to each individual student, which are hallmarks of my teaching. All too often, these basic guidelines are disregarded by, or even unknown to many yoga teachers, to the detriment of class participants. Vitality Yoga classes are carefully planned and sequenced for your optimal yoga experience, with a focus on recognizing and addressing the needs of every student.

I have been practicing yoga for almost 20 years, and working closely with a Chiropractic Physician for nearly 12 years. That gives me a considerable amount of accumulated practical knowledge to share, including specialized posture and balance training certification in a nationally accredited program with a Chiropractic expert in the field. Additional certifications in progress include current enrollment in a therapeutic yoga training program approved by the International Association of Yoga Therapists of which I just completed the first year, and ongoing training in Thai Yoga Bodywork.

With the degree of training already acquired, and more in-depth study to follow, my level of expertise is considerably beyond than that of most yoga instructors, and available for your health and fitness advantage.

See for yourself ~ your first class at D21 is free!


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