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Low Glycemic Facts

D21 Fit Studio’s Low Glycemic Approach

The Low Glycemic program is focused solely on the intake of carbohydrates and their effect on the bodies blood sugar levels. If the carbohydrate takes a long time for the body to breakdown and digest, it has a low glycemic index. If the carbohydrate takes a shorter period of time for the body to breakdown and digest, rapidly releasing glucose into the bloodstream, it has a high glycemic index.

Overall, eating foods that slowly increase insulin levels in the blood (low GI) keep you feeling full and energized which allows the body to burn more fat because there is not a surge of glucose that initiates the release of insulin from the pancreas.


Only foods with carbohydrates can raise blood sugar levels in the body. Therefore, all foods without carbohydrates have a low GI number. Foods that have carbohydrates can be divided into low or high GI foods depending on the way it is coked or the particular variety of the season.


  • Choose brown versions of foods like rice, pasta, bread and crackers
  • Always combine protein and carbohydrates; for example, when snacking eat a handful of nuts with a piece of fruit
  • Boil potatoes in their skin rather than mashing or baking
  • Avoid “instant” or “easy cook” foods; they tend to be more processed
  • 70 and above are high GI, 55-69 medium GI, 55 and below are low GI
  • Low GI carbohydrates every two hours
Please, contact Dietrich Horsey if you would like to learn more about D21’s Nutrition approach!

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