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Losers Are Winners

Sometimes I would get the feeling like it was pointless, or that it was straight up too hard, or that I didn’t have what it takes to be great and to do great things.

Gotta Get ‘There’

Have you ever had a goal you really wanted to achieve or had a place you desperately wanted to get to in your life? Maybe this was losing some weight, maybe it was winning an award or accolade of some type, or being able to run faster. Or maybe it was completely unrelated to fitness; to make more money, to get a date, or become a better and more proficient writer, to feel healthier, to not feel depressed and anxious anymore. I really write about myself here. I write about myself because over the years the one thing I have struggled with more than just about anything is having patience when working towards something better. So if you are anything like myself, please hear me out.


If you are reading this it is probably because you are at least a somewhat ambitious person like myself. I must add the caveat, this is not always the way I was. Now, without going into so much agonizing detail about my awkward and angsty years let’s just say I eventually reached a point in my life where I decided “enough is enough!”. I wanted to become better. I needed to become better in order to survive.

My first step in becoming a better person and getting over many of my fears was to begin taking care of my health and start working out. I remember fantasizing about getting into “the best shape of my life” and having the type of body which is on the cover of every Men’s Health magazine.

The two things I realize now which I hadn’t taken into account then is this…

  1. Any goal worth attaining takes serious time and reps to attain.
  2. You will have many screw-ups, failures, and frustrations along the way.

Ultimately what this lead to was me attempting to achieve this goal of “the best shape of my life” is not the most sustainable or safe manner. Long story short… I overtrained and strained my body, I burnt out, I fell backwards, fell into old bad habits, and found myself needing to dig myself out of a hole once again. Even though this was incredibly painful, I now see this was a valuable lesson.

MJ said What?

Like I said above, anything worth achieving takes some serious time and repetitions in order to achieve. Not only are repetitions necessary, but (brace yourself), screwing up and failing are also a necessary part of achieving anything worthwhile in life. It was not until this year that I have seriously begun to change my attitude about the idea of losing.

Do you know anybody who enjoys losing at anything? Even if we are just talking about a game of Monopoly, I do not know many people who enjoy looking like or a fool or like they are clueless.

I write this now not to tell you to enjoy losing, yet to see the value in it. What I know now is those who are willing to look silly will end up progressing beyond those who will give up after one or two losses. It was not until this year, yes! Not until this year I have looked back at all the times I have “lost” over the years and can now look back and see how much stronger all of these “losses” have made me. I have begun to appreciate them. In reality, every time I have had a “loss” in my life was actually a win because of the experience I gained in the process. I have had many screw-ups (many, many) and can now see losing as a valuable tool for my own growth. This is why I encourage you to find opportunities to lose and to learn from your experience, so you will eventually gain the big win you are craving. If you do not believe me just ask MJ about the shots he never took.

Put yourself out there, try new things, trust the process, and enjoy yourself along the way. Do this and watch as your fears slowly begin to melt away, and know that your Big W is on its way.
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Jason Cooper

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