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Is discipline meant for everyone?

How do you keep going?

Elena came in for her training session, today, the first Saturday of 2019, after work. I have been training her for 6 months and she has made amazing progress on her goals in 2018.

This being the first week of the new year, the holidays, she could have easily canceled our session, but she showed up, and even though she didn’t really feel like it she did everything I asked in our session and finished.

She is determined and shows up each and every session. There may be some days when she moves a little more slowly, complains a little more, and struggles through the workout. But she keeps going and finishes.

Today I changed her workout and didn’t really give her any warning, and she did it and gave it her best the whole session. I am so proud of all she has accomplished.

“Two-way street”

The thing about personal training and that is not talked about enough, is that it is a “two-way street”. I can be a great trainer and offer great workouts to my clients, but it’s a relationship, so if my client does not show up and is not willing to be coached, then the results likely won’t come. The relationship is also more than just the workout. We talk about personal things in my client’s life, because it’s a time where my client can debrief and get relief from the stress she is feeling, and fitness improves every area of your life.

It’s not just about muscle tone and losing weight. It’s about improving on who you are to be the best version of yourself. It improves your mental health, emotional health, self-perception, and awareness, and boosts your self-confidence and self-esteem.

I am committed to helping Elena go beyond what she thinks are her limits, and seeing her achieve goals in fitness and in all areas of her health to become the best version of her.  And I offer this level of commitment to all of my clients.

Keep up the good work Elena!

Fitness Trainer at D21 Fit Studio

David Bruce Martin

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