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I Want To Lose Weight

Being overweight is more than just a “number.”  Everyone that wants to lose weight has a “number”. 10, 20, 30, 40. This is the goal number. I want to lose 40 pounds.  However, as you may have realized, this doesn’t happen overnight!

So the “extra weight” that you plan to lose gets carried around for another “x” weeks or months. Now the impact of this can be massive and this is why it is so important to keep positive and stay on track with weight loss.

Ask yourself now how much weight you would like to lose.

Now imagine that weight as a Kettlebell.

Now imagine carrying that Kettlebell 24/7.

Bending, squatting, getting in and out of your car, shopping, walking up stairs.

Even if you have a “low number”, remember this is 24/7! Crazy isn’t it!

More than a number

While nutrition is undoubtedly one of the most important factors that will determine your amount and rate of weight loss, other factors can also influence long-term success.

Interestingly, the quality of your fitness assessment can have a significant impact on your long-term success of weight loss.

What Is One Percent Change & How Does It Work?

One Percent Change facilitates weight loss by providing a comprehensive health & wellness analysis in conjunction with a specific body assessment to reveal your precise strength, flexibility, and stability.

How Does One Percent Change Help Me Lose Weight?

1. Decreases Exercise Soreness

Regardless of the amount of weight you want to lose, when you start exercising again it is very common to get sore and experience aches and pains in various areas of the body.

Sometimes, this is not an issue – it is just some mild post-exercise soreness.  In other cases; however, the pain or discomfort lingers and gradually gets worse, even with continued training. This is where the effects of carrying that extra weight might be starting to have an impact. Drop out rates with new fitness routines are often very high. One of the key drivers of this high drop out rate is frustration created from ongoing soreness and lack of results. And this is why a superior fitness assessment can be so important to your long-term success.

One Percent Change uses clinically proven and precise assessment tests to ensure that you get an accurate & personalized program to help you lose weight without increasing the likelihood of exercise soreness.

2. Eliminates Guesswork

Performing a quality fitness assessment will allow for better awareness and understanding of your body and eliminate the guesswork so your Health & Fitness Professional can design you a better program. This will allow you to push hard when appropriate, and ease off if there are underlying areas of your body with issues.

One Percent Change will identify any underlying injuries and also identify key areas of the body that are often flared up when you exercise.

Whether your program involves Cardio, Free weights or Functional movement, One Percent Change will allow you to exercise consistently to achieve your weight loss goal quicker.

3. Ensures Long-Term Success

One Percent Change facilitates “Long-Term Success with Weight Loss” by focusing on performance enhancement, not just a weight loss measure.

One Percent Change provides an extensive and detailed report with information to target specific regions of your body to ensure that you are getting quicker and easier results with your fitness. Improvements in things like balance, core stability, and muscle strength can help keep you motivated and therefore less likely to drop out from your exercise routine.

This means that as you start to lose those extra pounds, you are focused on the real and tangible benefits of weight loss.

“Getting up off the floor is no longer a challenge”

“I can use the stairs and not feel out of breath”

“I’m moving easier and feeling stronger”

Your body awareness and goals shift from 100% focus on weight loss – to – “Hey I might be able to enter a 5-mile fun run” or “I can play with the kids at the park again”.

You are now more aware of “improved performance”.

What Is Involved With A One Percent Change Assessment?

After booking in for a One Percent Change Assessment, YOU will receive:

1. Comprehensive Health & Wellness Analysis

In-depth review of your current health status, past history and your personal goals to ensure that your program addresses your key concerns and desired outcomes.

2. Full Body Physical Assessment

Non-invasive testing (no needles or exhaustive tests) to better understand your current levels of strength, flexibility & stability. Privacy & Modesty is respected – all tests can be completed in normal gym wear.

3. Customised Report

A personalized report incorporating the latest scientific research and recommendations. The documentation contains easy to understand language which is both educational and motivational. This professional document contains the “blueprint” for your success.

D21 Fit Studio is an Official One Percent Change Licensee.

All staff at D21 Fit Studio who performs the OPC assessment has undergone specialized training to become an Accredited OPC Assessor.

So fast track your weight loss – CONTACT DIETRICH HORSEY to learn more about One Percent Change / Muscle Test and TO SCHEDULE YOUR COMPREHENSIVE EVALUATION!

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