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I Want To Look & Feel In The PRIME Of My Life

The PRIME of YOUR life. With regards to Health, Wellness and Fitness – it can mean different things to different people.

Research has shown that as we age, our bodies change. The good news is that you can influence the effect that aging has on YOUR body. Everyone is different though – some people have good strength, some have good flexibility. Human nature means that we stick to what we are good at – which is often not what we need. For example, men will often have good strength but lack flexibility and stability. Whereas women commonly have good flexibility and stability, but lack strength.

The key to looking and feeling in the “PRIME of YOUR Life” is to have a perfect mix of strength, flexibility & stability. But how do you know if your body is lacking in one of these key areas?

You need to stop guessing about your body & what it needs – you need to use One Percent Change.

What Is One Percent Change & How Does It Work?

One Percent Change facilitates a “PRIME of YOUR Life” state by providing a comprehensive health & wellness analysis in conjunction with a specific body assessment to reveal your precise strength, flexibility, and stability.

How Does One Percent Change Make Me Look & Feel In The Prime Of My Life?

1. Eliminates Guesswork & Speeds Up Results

The human body requires a combination of strength, flexibility, and stability to perform the normal activities of daily life. If you have restrictions in one area of the body it can greatly affect the ability to do an even basic movement. For example – the inability to squat can be due to joint stiffness in the ankle, knee or hip.

Unfortunately, most gym and fitness assessments use outdated and non-specific testing procedures. One Percent Change; however, uses clinically proven and precise tests which give personalized and exact results. This ensures a specific and accurate fitness program design – leading to quicker and better outcomes.  Why waste time stretching your calf muscles if the cause of the problem is the hip. One Percent Change provides YOU the answers.

2. Identify Injuries Before They Cause Problems

It doesn’t matter what age you are – injuries occur to the young & old. Young people commonly experience “growth related “injuries and complaints. Conversely the older we get, the less resilient we become and the greater the likelihood of having niggling aches and pains. The good news is that a One Percent Change assessment can identify common injuries that you often didn’t know existed.

For example, knee pain will often only become noticeable during the advanced stage of dysfunction. If you identify an injury early, you can avoid unnecessary pain and disruption to not only general activity but also the things you love to do for fun & excitement (e.g. hiking, running, riding).

3. Move Better – Feel Better

Weak muscles, stiff joints, and poor balance can dramatically affect body movement. Small corrections can lead to massive improvements in performance.

For example, shoulder stiffness can greatly affect your swimming stroke.

One Percent Change can identify exactly how YOUR shoulder is functioning and what you can do to perform better. 

Improving your swimming stroke will allow you to feel stronger in the water and greatly improve your swimming endurance. Wouldn’t you like to be able to swim further and faster with less effort?

4. Look Good – Feel Good

Nothing looks worse than poor posture – slumped shoulders, hunched back, downcast head. Poor posture makes you LOOK old and FEEL old. Poor posture can lead to a variety of health problems as well – headaches, neck pain, back pain.

One Percent Change can give YOU the specific answers on how to Look Good and Feel Good.

Better posture can be achieved no matter what YOUR age. Positive changes can occur. However the longer you leave it, the harder it is to correct. Make the change now!

What Is Involved With A One Percent Change Assessment?

After booking in for a One Percent Change Assessment, YOU will receive:

1. Comprehensive Health & Wellness Analysis

In-depth review of your current health status, past history and your personal goals to ensure that your program addresses your key concerns and desired outcomes.

2. Full Body Physical Assessment

Non-invasive testing (no needles or exhaustive tests) to better understand your current levels of strength, flexibility & stability. Privacy & Modesty is respected – all tests can be completed in normal gym wear.

3. Customized Report

A personalized report incorporating the latest scientific research and recommendations. The documentation contains easy to understand language which is both educational and motivational. This professional document contains the “blueprint” for your success.

D21 Fit Studio is an Official One Percent Change Licensee.

All staff at D21 Fit Studio who performs the OPC assessment has undergone specialized training to become an Accredited OPC Assessor.

Find out what you need to look & feel in your PRIME again!
Contact Dietrich Horsey to learn more about One Percent Change / Muscle Test and to schedule your comprehensive Evaluation! 

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