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I Want To Get Rid Of Pain & Feel Better

Pain – Mild, moderate or severe. Short or long term.

It doesn’t matter what way you look at it – being in PAIN is no fun.

The other thing about pain is that it doesn’t discriminate – young or old, rich or poor, male or female. When you are in pain, all you can think is “I want to get rid of pain and feel better”!

If the cause of your pain is due to the muscles and joints not working properly, the great news is that in a lot of cases, YOU can fix the problem.

But you need to know the cause – not just treat the symptoms. Pain medications can ease the sharp stabbing pain in your shoulder, but if you don’t fix the cause – the pain returns.

One Percent Change provides a solution to fixing your pain.

What Is One Percent Change & How Does It Work?

One Percent Change facilitates a pain-free lifestyle by providing a comprehensive health & wellness analysis in conjunction with a specific body assessment to reveal your precise strength, flexibility, and stability.

How Does One Percent Change Help Me Eliminate Pain?

1. Removes Guesswork & Provides You A Pain Relief Solution

When people initially start to develop pain in a body region(e.g knee or hip pain), a common response is to “join a gym” or start a “health kick”. A great idea, but unless you know what you need to do, not only can you waste your time but in some cases, you can actually make the problem worse.

Muscle imbalances and joint stiffness can lead to excessive wear and tear – which can eventually result in acute (sudden) or chronic (ongoing) pain. For example, weakness in the hip muscles can lead to extra loading and stress on the knee joint- all of which can cause you knee pain. So to fix this problem – you need to do specific tests.

Unlike most gym and fitness assessments which use outdated and non-specific testing procedures, One Percent Change uses clinically proven and precise tests. This means that you get accurate, personalized and exact results. By eliminating guesswork you get the answer to the quickest way to fix your pain.

Why waste time strengthening your knee if the REAL cause of your problem was the hip muscles. One Percent Change provides YOU the answers.

2.  Identify “Pain” Areas

In a lot of injuries, the pain will gradually get worse. For example,  you get knee pain in the morning or when you start exercising, but then it disappears. So you think – “it isn’t a major concern”. Eventually, the pain increases or becomes more frequent and starts to restrict you from your normal activity.

One Percent Change can identify regions in your body which have an underlying injury – just waiting to cause you pain – injuries that you often didn’t know existed. If you identify an injury early, you can avoid unnecessary pain and disruption to not only general activity but also the things you love to do for fun & excitement (e.g. swimming, running, riding).


3. Prevention Is The Key

Muscle imbalance can increase the risk of injury by up to 17 times. One Percent Change will reveal which areas of the body are in danger of injury.  The added bonus is that by correcting things like muscle imbalances, you can also improve your body’s efficiency and movement. Pain, even mild pain, can affect your body movement. Eliminating or decreasing pain can make a dramatic difference to your quality of life.

One Percent Change can help you find out what you need to do to prevent pain that is caused by weak muscles, stiff joints, and poor balance so you can move better, feel better & perform at your best!

What Is Involved With A One Percent Change Assessment?

After booking in for a One Percent Change Assessment, YOU will receive:

1. Comprehensive Health & Wellness Analysis

In-depth review of your current health status, past history and your personal goals to ensure that your program addresses your key concerns and desired outcomes.

2. Full Body Physical Assessment

Non-invasive testing (no needles or exhaustive tests) to better understand your current levels of strength, flexibility & stability. Privacy & Modesty is respected – all tests can be completed in normal gym wear.

3. Customized Report

A personalized report incorporating the latest scientific research and recommendations. The documentation contains easy to understand language which is both educational and motivational. This professional document contains the “blueprint” for your success.

D21 Fit Studio is an Official One Percent Change Licensee.

All staff at D21 Fit Studio who performs the OPC assessment has undergone specialized training to become an Accredited OPC Assessor.

So say goodbye to pain!

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