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I Want To Be Better At My Sport

Elite athletes know that a new pair of running shoes or some fancy equipment don’t guarantee a gold medal. They understand (through education and experience) that the body has the greatest capacity for change. They have seen and experienced how precise body assessment and analysis will reveal the information they need for success.

What area of my body is weak?
Where am I tight?
Are there any underlying issues in my body that I don’t know about?

If you want to be better at YOUR sport, you need to follow the same procedures elite athletes use to provide quicker, easier and more successful results.

What Is One Percent Change & How Does It Work?

One Percent Change uses advanced testing methods that were previously only available to elite athletes. One Percent Change provides a comprehensive health & wellness analysis in conjunction with a specific body assessment to reveal your precise strength, flexibility, and stability.

How Does One Percent Change Make Me Better at My Sport?

1. Eliminates Guesswork & Speeds Up Results

All sports require a combination of strength, flexibility, and stability. Most gym and fitness assessments use outdated and non-specific tests. One Percent Change uses clinically proven and precise tests which give personalized and exact results. This ensures a specific and accurate fitness program design – leading to quicker and better outcomes.

2. Injury Identification

Underlying pathology/injury is often revealed during testing. For example, shin splints is a condition which is often not painful until YOU begin a new gym program and/or increase your training intensity/activity level.

A One Percent Change assessment will identify common injuries that are often present but not painful. This will allow YOU to modify your activity and keep enjoying the sport that you love, rather than having weeks off due to injury.

3. Injury Prevention

Muscle imbalance can increase the risk of injury by up to 17 times. One Percent Change will reveal which areas of the body are in danger.

A good example of this relates to swimming.

An imbalance in the shoulder muscles(rotator cuff group)

can not only lead shoulder injuries,

but it can also affect your swimming stroke.

4. Prime Of  YOUR Life

One Percent Change reveals the secrets behind having a body that feels in the PRIME of your life – when your power and energy at the highest level.

5. Enhances Performance

Weakness, tightness or poor balance can dramatically affect body movement. Small corrections can lead to massive improvements in performance.

For example, if you have poor core stability,

this can reduce YOUR power on a tennis serve.

What Is Involved With A One Percent Change Assessment?

After booking in for a One Percent Change Assessment, YOU will receive:

1. Comprehensive Health & Wellness Analysis

In-depth review of your current health status, past history and your personal goals to ensure that your program addresses your key concerns and desired outcomes.

2. Full Body Physical Assessment

Non-invasive testing (no needles or exhaustive tests) to better understand your current levels of strength, flexibility & stability. Privacy & Modesty is respected – all tests can be completed in normal gym wear.

3. Customized Report

A personalized report incorporating the latest scientific research and recommendations. The documentation contains easy to understand language which is both educational and motivational. This professional document contains the “blueprint” for your success.

D21 Fit Studio is an Official One Percent Change Licensee.

All staff at D21 Fit Studio who performs the OPC assessment has undergone specialized training to become an Accredited OPC Assessor.

Take your performance to the next level!
Contact Dietrich Horsey to learn more about One Percent Change / Muscle Test and to schedule your comprehensive Evaluation!

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