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Exercise For Your Mental Fitness

Exercise your mind as you move!

Did you know that exercise can have a profound impact on your mental health and brain function?

It’s true! And it has been backed by science.

Exercise and your brain

More information has come out about overall health benefits from physical activity from the recent recommendations from the Physical Guidelines Committee, including benefits to your brain’s health. And we know that any time spent moving is beneficial.

Physical activity helps your executive function, which helps you organize your day and daily activities, and also with controlling and managing emotions,  behaviors and starting a new task. It also aids in how you gain knowledge and learn, memory, attention, and academic performance.

Who knew!

In addition to those wonderful perks, exercise can help to manage depressive symptoms. Consistent physical activity reduces symptoms of depression, or the severity of symptoms, and there is evidence that it lowers your risk of developing clinical depression.

And women, this is for you especially!

Physical activity can help to reduce the likelihood that pregnant women develop postpartum depression, than women who aren’t as active.

And if you want to sleep better, and you should, because it helps you with weight management and mental health too, exercise is good for that too. Regular moderate to vigorous activity improves sleep quality, helps us get to sleep sooner, improves deep sleep, and reduces daytime sleepiness. Best of all, you can exercise soon before bedtime, even less than 3 hours before, and you will see benefits!

Research data source: Fitness Magazine May 2019

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