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Cardio, Weights, or Both?

Pump iron for weight loss!

It is true that cardio is great for weight loss. Whether you are in a HIIT class, working out on an elliptical, or out for a long run. But, did you know you lose more than fat with cardio? You lose some muscle mass with cardio as well as fat.

Rev up your metabolism

When you lose muscle mass from cardio, you tend to slow down your metabolic rate, which can lead to a plateau in your weight loss. With strength training you increase your muscle mass, speed up the metabolic rate, which leads to continuous calorie burn at rest. The after burn happens when in strength training you tears down your muscles and at rest they are being repaired, leading to calorie burn for up to 72 hours.

Blast that belly fat!

There is no spot reducing when you train. But strength training has a bigger impact on fat loss from your belly than cardio. The best option, according to research is a combination of strength training and high intensity training.

Bootcamp anyone?

Start lifting

The best recipe is to mix strength training with cardio. And the news gets better.

You don’t need to lift heavy to get the benefits according to recent research!

It says that lifting lighter weights with higher reps will boost muscle mass just as much as heavy weights and low reps.

It’s time to add resistance training to your routine.

If you are at your goal weight, there are a number of reasons why strength training will be of benefit for you. It will help increase bone density, improve mobility, and to help fight chronic disease.

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