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Busy Mom of Three

As a mom of three kids, I get asked a lot, “when do you have time to workout?”

Or I hear other moms, say things like, “I would love to workout more but I don’t have time because my kids are always around.”
The wording varies but the concept stays the same.

Being a mom of young kids means no time to take care of one’s personal physical fitness.

This simply is not true!

Even if you can’t find a gym with childcare, or get out of the house there are hundreds of ways you can workout with kids around. First, there’s always the option to get up at the crack of dawn and run or attend a fitness class before they get up but who really wants to wake up that early? (well me, but I’m weird)

So you might be thinking what’s left?

Well, how about exercising in our own home with your kids?

Have dance parties in the kitchen for home cardio, carry the laundry down the hallway doing squats for some arm and legwork, Or find ways to make your kids giggle as you do some yoga or stretching while reading to them at the same time.

I have, also, spent time finding different UTube videos of fun short workouts which are easily doable not only at my house but with my girls. Here is one example of this.

The very popular song “Baby Shark” has a fun abs workout that a gymnastics class, I believe, put together. I played the video for my girls and bam! We were on the floor trying to do it as well.
Don’t let being a mom (or dad) of young kids stop you from your physical fitness goals!

Busy Mom of Three
Fitness Trainer at D21 Fit Studio

Stephanie Mangrich

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