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Breath is Life!

We could all benefit from better breathing.

So many of us breathe too shallow and rapid in response to the stress and fast pace of our lives.

We also often breathe inefficiently, using the secondary fight-or-flight respiratory muscles in the upper chest, rather than the smooth, efficient, primary breathing apparatus of the diaphragm. This can often result in upper body tension, further exacerbating the problem.

Addressing these issues isn’t easy, and it takes time to shift our habitual breathing patterns. Even so, once you start practicing a slower, longer breath, you will in fact notice an immediate difference and a  remarkable enhancement in your life!

You will learn to pause, reflect, and stop a counterproductive stress reaction in its tracks, replacing it with a calmer, more constructive response. As your breath deepens, it will allow your mind to become clearer and more focused. Your whole nervous system is better able to relax, and the increased oxygen levels in your bloodstream help improve circulation and optimize metabolism, boosting your overall health.

It does not happen overnight, and it takes practice in directing your breath to attain the best possible outcomes in so many different life situations ~ but human beings can make incremental progress, and discover more joy in the beauty of Life!

Practice Vitality Yoga for Lightness of Breath and more Light into your Life!


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