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Recently, I heard a saying that “strong is the new skinny.”

This is a great way to look at exercise, especially for those who are concerned with building too much muscle. To me, this concern is absurd, considering that each pound of muscle can burn 30-50 extra calories a day. I’m going to expand a bit further and say “healthy” is the new “in-shape.” Regardless of the shape you are in, you need to MOVE YOUR BODY! The body is designed to move.

Since the beginning of civilization we’ve squatted down, pushed up, pulled down, and curled up things (baskets, rocks, fruit, wood, etc.). Now, most of cushy America is sitting all day long. So, for my office chair yams—here is an exercise you can do on or around your chair.

*** If you have knee challenges consult your physician or a fitness professional for alternative exercises.

Office Chair Split Squat:

Start by standing next to chair with your feet side by side, hold onto back of the chair (make sure it’s a stable chair; not a rocker or recliner).

Take your left or right foot and then bend the front and back knee at a 45 degree angle.

While using the back knee as the lever, drop back knee down towards the floor, while adding a slight tilt at the waist (leaning slightly forward).

Go up and down this way for 10-15 repetitions and rest if needed. Then switch to other leg.

As you get better and stronger take less time to rest in-between sets and try to repeat 2-3 times every other day.

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