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Are you up for the challenge
30-Day Challenge

Fasting /detoxing?😉 Who doesn’t like a good detox or fasting to give your body a break even a reboot? For those who do these practices for religious reasons, this is…

March Madness

Join CBA | D21 FIT STUDIO Basketball Sessions! Get ready for your ultimate MARCH MADNESS athlete training experience when you attend FIT Basketball sessions!

Posture Challenge

How is your posture? Your posture has a VERY powerful impact on how you act and feel – how deeply you breathe, your energy levels and believe it or not……..

Trainer Dietrich cropped for blog

Carbohydrates are the fastest source of energy (Carbon + Hydrogen + Oxygen) so it would be most beneficial to have a piece of fruit prior to exercise especially if you are doing…

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Habits For Sustained Success

A new year is when it is that most people take up new goals, a new focus and decide to start on health and fitness and wellness goals. Most people…


Core Strength Not Just Abs A lot of people dream about the perfect washboard abs, but the reality is that Abdominals are not the key to a stronger you. It…