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Exercise For Your Mental Fitness

Did you know that exercise can have a profound impact on your mental health and brain function? It’s true! And it has been backed by science. Exercise and your brain More…

On Stress Social Media

We are so rushed and our attention is bombarded it seems by so many things, from kids activities, social media, and so many ways to be entertained and manipulated by…

sleep challenge
Sleep Challenge

GO TO BED AT THE SAME TIME EACH NIGHT Did you know that your body follows something called a circadian rhythm – a natural cycle that will signal your body when…

Breath is Life!

We could all benefit from better breathing. So many of us breathe too shallow and rapid in response to the stress and fast pace of our lives. We also often…

Are you up for the challenge
30-Day Challenge

Fasting /detoxing?😉 Who doesn’t like a good detox or fasting to give your body a break even a reboot? For those who do these practices for religious reasons, this is…