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Beat End-of-Winter Blues With New Ways to Train

The end of winter, just before the beginning of spring can be a hard time of year to work out.  It is still chilly and lifeless, often damp and gray outside. One way to beat back those end-of-winter training blues is to try something new!  I asked Dietrich for his suggestions to help people find new motivation for their fitness goals.

#1 ~ Try a new activity that compliments your usual training.

If you lift weights try a slow to moderate speed yoga class (e.g. hatha or vinyasa).  Yoga can help improve your flexibility and build core muscle while improving body awareness all without overtaxing your tired muscles.  Think of it as active rest!

If you are a runner, supplement your workout with swimming on those days you can’t get outside.  You don’t have to stick with laps either.  Try swimming in intervals with one lap/ length at your fastest pace spaced out with 30 second rests.  Swimming has a low impact on your body while still toning your muscles and challenging your cardiovascular system.

Low angle view of a young man swimming underwater in a swimming pool

If you play sports try a TRX class or calisthenics.  Suspension training provides dynamic, adjustable weight training using your own body weight for resistance.  TRX works for people of all fitness levels because exercise difficulty can be adjusted to fit each individual’s needs.  Alternatively, a routine of basic calisthenics can help build strength and prevent injury for those who prefer recreational sports.

If you are sedentary, injured or trying to overcome a block in your training try Feldenkrais, a gentle movement system that teaches everyone from novices to the physically fit how to become better in tune with their body’s normal movement patterns as well as how to break out of problematic movement habits.

Or, try something completely new like signing up to play in a local sports league, take classes in a martial art or try out different indoor sports like racquetball or squash!

Crossfit training TRX straps

#2 ~ Join us at D21 for new training opportunities.

Fusion Class:  Fusion fitness melds functional training, dance, Pilates and yoga.  Fusion delivers strength and flexibility while emphasizing body awareness and alignment and helping to develop correct breathing habits and mental focus during training.  Fusion is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.  Join us at Noon, Mondays & Wednesdays starting April 4th!

Training with a friend:  D21 offers semi-private training classes where you and a friend (or two) work out together and keep each other accountable.

If you are looking for something more individualized, talk with Dietrich about Personal Training.  Working one-on-one with a trainer allows him or her to match every workout to your goals and your fitness level.

Keep an eye on the D21 calendar for upcoming Feldenkrais classes.

#3 ~ General Advice

Brighten your outlook by getting outside, for even a few minutes, each day, especially when the weather is sunny.  Exposure to natural sun is a known mood-enhancer, and you’ll be the first to notice the budding trees and emerging flowers that herald spring!

Young man standing on coast in the forest among pine trees and looking at sea in sunny day, rear view

Keep your health at the forefront of your mind by starting a training journal.  Record not only your training goals and workout specifics but your emotions before and after training.  Writing down what makes you feel good about your workout lets you be your own cheerleader.

Hold yourself accountable by setting dates for your goals.  Whether your goal is to lose weight, start a new, active hobby, or just move more each day, having a date for achieving your goal is a strong motivator to keep you focused and helps you measure your progress.  Remember to talk with your trainer about reasonable fitness goals for you.


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