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Core Strength Not Just Abs

A lot of people dream about the perfect washboard abs, but the reality is that Abdominals are not the key to a stronger you. It isn’t even something you can obtain in isolation. To start off there is usually a layer of Fat that surrounds our middles.

If you want to have beach body/ washboard abs you need to first get rid of this layer. Even if you are able to get rid of this layer isolating just the abdominals can create an imbalance in your body.

If you are focusing too much on this one area you could be setting your self up for injury.  Abdominals, as all muscles, are not designed to work on their own. All muscles must work in tandem with the rest of the muscles in our body, and other body systems as well.

Our bodies need a balance of function with all its muscle groups and systems working together.

So what are core muscles?

Core Muscles are made up of several different muscles, the many different abdominals, the glutes, pelvic floor, diaphragm, and scapular muscles for example. They can also be divided into different groups. Some refer to these groups as the Stabilizers and the Movers while others refer to them as the inner and outer core muscle groups.

Honestly, your core is everything apart from your arms, legs, and head, but they are still connected to them and work in unison. No matter how you categorize them you need to realize that all the muscles work together to have a more correctly functioning body and a stronger base or core. 

Why is This important?

It is important to have a strong core, not just visually appealing abdominals because our core is what helps us through our everyday life.

If our abdominals are strong but the rest of the core muscles are weak then injuries can occur with even the simplest of everyday activities such as picking something up off the floor, standing in a kitchen cooking, carrying a baby or toddler, or simply standing up off a couch.

When we improve our core muscles in a balanced way we can see many health benefits starting with improved posture, fewer low back injuries, ability to twist around to reach something. Everyday activities become easier, from grocery shopping to that weekend sport you love. A strong core helps keep our backs healthy, our posture in check and it can even help improve athletic performance.

I have briefly scratched the surface of the core and its importance. If you want to learn more about how to improve your core strength and to give it a good workout come to my class AbSolute on Mondays and Wednesdays at 9:15 am.

We start our workout right at 9:15 but feel free to come a few minutes early if you have any questions.

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