D 21 Fit Studio’s philosophy, centered on “good, better, best”, is the driving concept behind improving your health and wellness. We follow a three tier training system that keeps the client both consistently engaged in the workouts as well as being continuously challenged by new progressions. Each phase of the system lasts for four weeks before moving onto the next.

Phase 1: Strength Training

This is the first phase of the system, strength. In order to protect the body against injury and overtraining, we begin by conditioning the body. This means we start with low sets and high repetitions to build muscular endurance and teach simple movement patterns that are natural for the body like pushing and pulling. This phase also induces metabolic stress on the body to kick start the metabolism and begin utilizing the nutrients from the diet as a fuel source.

Phase 2: Power Training

Phase 2 of the system is power. After the client has finished their general conditioning, they move into power. During this phase, the sets are increased and the repetitions are decreased. This means the weights lifted in this phase are heavy; and are usually based around the 4 main complex lifts, squat, deadlift, bench press and military press. This increases muscle growth as well as protein synthesis. As muscle fibers are torn during heavy lifting, protein is synthesizes quicker in order to repair the damaged tissue. The movement patterns are generally complex and explosive which increases the intensity and mechanical stress on the body. During this phase it is important to get adequate nutrition to ensure proper muscle recovery.

Phase 3: Functional Training

The final phase of the system before starting over with increasing intensity and complexity is the functional phase. It is circuit style workout based on undulating work to rest ratios. This style of training is very beneficial for fat burning because the body is working so hard to speed up the heart rate and then slow it down during the intervals or work and rest. Every workout in the functional phases uses all muscle groups in conjunction with cardiovascular exercises to burn optimal calories and create a high intensity, complex workout!
Nothing is considered “bad”, in terms of fitness and nutrition. Fitness is not perfection, but rather a series of progressions. You are always moving forward, and overcoming obstacles to create a better version of yourself. D21 takes a holistic approach to fitness and focusses of the powerful link between training and nutrition. If you are presently doing one but not the other, that’s good, but you can do better to reach your BEST! It’s not about torturing or depriving yourself, it’s about balance and knowledge to make it a lifestyle. By being conscious of your options, you have a greater likelihood of making an improved decision and maintaining the sustainable and comprehensive lifestyle you are striving for!