Dietrich Horsey

Dietrich HorseyDietrich Horsey has dedicated more than 15 years to helping others feel, be and live healthfully. As a health expert and fitness trainer, he works with successful and professional clients who want to achieve their fitness goals. Dietrich specializes in corrective exercise, with a background in bio-nutrition. Converging programs that focus on correct body mechanics and healthy diets are the basis for his success and the successes of his clients.

Dietrich has developed and implemented customized fitness programs and nutritional plans for countless individuals of various ages, genders, ethnicities, and ability levels. He uses his broad knowledge of fitness, health and nutritional topics to teach, train and consult his clients toward living a healthier lifestyle. He provides uncompromising professional excellence so that his clients will learn to honor their health, nurture their bodies and live their most extraordinary lives.

Dietrich 21, Dietrich’s health and fitness training and consulting firm, takes a holistic approach and focuses on the powerful link between training and nutrition. His programs reflect his personal philosophy that nothing is considered “bad,”in terms of fitness and nutrition. Fitness is not perfection, but rather, it’s progression. It’s not about torturing or depriving yourself. But by being conscious of your options, you have a greater likelihood of making an improved decision and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

Dietrich has created training programs to include, Weight loss Exercises, Muscle Endurance Exercises, Strength Training, Functional Training, Post-Rehabilitation Exercises, Somatype Training and Nutritional Coaching. No matter what your training goals are, whether they be weight loss, weight gain, increased strength, flexibility, strengthening core, increasing mass, toning, vitality—D21’s approach is “good, better, best!”



1st Place in 2005 Team Universe Body Building competition
4th Place in 2006 Team Universe Competition
5th Place in 2006 Team Universe Championships – Heavy Weight
13th Place in 2005 59th IFBB Men’s World Amateur Championships, Shanghai, China


2009 Muscle Development Magazine
2005 Flex Magazine
2004 Liason Models Model
2004 Steele Jungle Magazine
2003 Les Byerley Photography Model
2003 VPX Magazine, Promotional Model