Dietrich Horsey, Owner.

I became a fitness coach 25 plus years ago because I realized how exercise can help , prevent all kind of illness/ diseases, being a kid who was constantly fighting something, severe heart murmur, getting a EKG monthly, ear infections, night fevers etc. I’m now 55 I feel energetic, strong , no more of those illness to report jus by constantly and consistently being smart about my activity.

We at D21 help a lot of busy professionals, who have gotten out shape from not prioritizing their own health over busy lifestyle or those who have old sports injuries and afraid to get started . Our programs are build on building foundational strength, mobility, and cardiovascular conditioning 2 to 3 x week commitments seem to work best we’ve found . Our programs have help wide variety of folks, hi replacement, lower back , torn Achilles, knee issues , bringing diabetics numbers down , blood pressure, cyclists, runners , volleyball players, etc. and we do all of this with a lot of love and laughter .


I have been working as a personal trainer and coach since 2017 and got my certification with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). I love what I do because I myself have struggled with my own set of mental health and self-esteem issues, and the first place I started to shift my life narrative was through fitness. This is why today I feel so honored to be able to help others achieve a better and stronger version of themselves.


 I am an ACE Certified personal trainer. I have been training since 2018. Fitness inspired me to go beyond what I believed was possible. In achieving my fitness goals, I realized I could use my success to help others to not only get healthy but to feel more confident in who they are as people. Fitness is not just about losing weight or looking good, but about becoming the best version of the healthiest version of yourself. That’s what my goal is for every one of my clients.


I have been a personal trainer for 5 years now. I have 1 certification from the International Sports Science Association. I love training because it gives you the chance to change someone’s life through fitness. I work with anyone looking to build strength, muscle and lose body fat.