At Dietrich 21, we will help you establish a sustainable synergy of effective training and proper nutrition to bring you to your BEST and keep making it better!


Our philosophy centered on "good, better, best," is the driving concept behind improving your health and wellness.


No matter what your training goal—weight loss/gain, increased strength, flexibility, strengthening core, toning, vitality—our approach is "good, better, best!"


Weight training and cardiovascular exercise are not compete without proper nutrition. What you eat accounts for 85% of the outcome in training!

Welcome to D21 Fit Studio: Home of the Fitness Fixers.

As a professional expert fitness studio, we allow both current and prospective clients the opportunity to invest in their longterm health and perfect their bodies through our comprehensive service, which includes personal training sessions, nutritional advice, and targeted treatments.

Here at D21, we find success through our simple philosophy and methodical approach. We implement a “good, better, best” system that allows our members to enjoy their lives—while remaining healthy and fit.

We are more than just a gym: we are a fluid studio that will refine our services to fit your specific needs. When you walk through our doors we fully commit to you and your success, no matter how difficult the task at hand. Our team is ready and waiting to help you find longterm fitness–are you?

Ready to be your best?

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